We believe in the extensive use of technology and in ongoing development, investing time and substantial financial assets in finding and acquiring the most efficient machinery for the extrusion, handling and storage of the aluminium profiles.

Our building facilities have been constructed with care to environment and to individual.

We have two aluminium extrusion lines which give as a production capacity far above the average capacity of the competition. Our aluminium extrusion facilities can extrude almost all types of alloys, even specialized.

To minimize production downtime and error possibility we have invested in robotic technology for dies storage with more than 6000 dies capacity and in an automated system for movement and installation of dies into the extrusion presses.

The packaging department of our company consists of 4 state of the art packaging lines and it is able to handle more than 10 different types of packaging, satisfying almost every need of our customers.

In our fully automated warehouse, the storage process of the final products is controlled by a robot of the Warehouse Management System.

Finally, product's loading into the trucks is made automatically and with the highest accuracy by using a highly sophisticated robotic brachium.

These processes enable us to ensure the very highest quality for our products from the initial production stages, to delivery to the final consumer.


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Ranked by equipment quality, our company is among the most technologically advanced companies in the aluminium sector anywhere in Europe, while occupying the leading rank in Greece. icap-sm-bw



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