TOP QUALITY: Our product's top quality is a nonnegotiable term deeply imbedded in our culture and its parameterization is the most reliable way to achieve it.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: Following the latest technology and employing fully trained staff, we manage to ensure the constant innovation in our aluminium production. This valuable trend lets us achieve total customer satisfaction and enjoy stable and long-lasting co operations, empowering at the same time our corporate image.

TEAM SPIRIT: We visualize our future through team spirit and humanistic environment, which enhances initiative, morale and equality among individuals.

RESPECT TO INDIVIDUAL: For COSMOS ALUMINIUM health and safety are the foremost objectives in our operations. We do not perceive our human resources as part of our production chain, but rather as previous power that fulfils our dreams.

RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT: For everyone in COSMOS ALUMINIUM, environment is a valuable asset which must be passed on to the next generations. For that reason, we are trying to assure that all our actions and activities are based on energy saving, recycling and the least possible amount of emissions.


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Ranked by equipment quality, our company is among the most technologically advanced companies in the aluminium sector anywhere in Europe, while occupying the leading rank in Greece. icap-sm-bw



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